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Rosario Londono

Is a systems innovator, executive innovation advisor, speaker, and leadership coach. She is the Co-Founder of both the Global Movement League of Intrapreneurs and The Finance, Mindfulness and Technology Lab, as well as the Founder of the Four-Dimensional Quotient. She’s an Adjunct Professor at American University and acts as an advisor to organizations like Project X Global, Imperative Fund, Foundation for Commercializing Innovation, The Assemblage, The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and CNS Global Advisors. She is also a fellow at the BMW Responsible Leaders Network, Entovation, and the World Innovation Organization. Rosario has worked with corporations like Accenture, Citibank, and ITI to help them prepare their workforce for the digital economy. She has over 18 years of experience as a Senior Innovation and Impact Specialist at the Inter-American Development Group, working with all sectors, Private, Public and Non-for-profit. 

This is my story of how I became an Executive Coach

I began my unofficial coaching training at the age of 18, on the streets of Bogota, Colombia. Without any prior training, my goal was to help children and youth living on the streets to find a home, a livelihood and deprogram their risky behaviors. I failed. The 14-year-old I was mentoring became pregnant and sold her 6-month old baby girl to human traffickers after we got into a discussion about money and I told her I was not going to keep on giving her cash.

I was devastated and also determined that it would never happen again. Little did I know that the quest to save these children was my own quest to save and heal myself. I have been no stranger to divorce, serious health diagnosis, abuse, addictive and suicidal family members, kidnappings, assassination attempts, etc.  In more ways than one would expect, I have been there and have been them. What has separated me from them was that I had access to cutting-edge tools and resources to pull me through these circumstances and turn them into resilience and personal growth.

For the past 30 years, I have read just about any self-help book I can get my hands on and have gotten trained and certified by Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, Landmark Education, Visionary Leadership Coaching, The Journey, Gap International, The Enneagram, The Work of Byron Katie, Heart Math Institute, Neurobiology and Neuro coaching, MIT Theory U Process. I have also delved deeply into meditation practices, remote viewing and the Quantum Mechanics behind Synchronicity. 

 This quest has given me the opportunity to work and coach at-risk youth, ex-combatant children, orphans, entrepreneurs, and social intrapreneurs, professionals, business executives, cabinet ministers and even a Head of State.

Today, I continue to learn and get trained in new modalities like the Kundalini Activation Process and The Field of Intention. 

 What moves me is to dedicate my life to continue to co-create with other innovations that will regenerate our Planet and allow for the highest and best expression of humanity to emerge. I believe the Future is Beautiful and Full of Promise because together we will co-create it.


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