Science-based workshop to help you navigate this era of exponential change, innovate your life & lead others to do the same, no matter what...



  • 4 consecutive weeks with 2 LIVE sessions per week

  • 2 LIVE sessions to Plan November and December of 2020

  • LIVE session in December to PLAN 2021

  • Ongoing virtual support from Master Alumni and access to a private global community of innovators and change makers



We live in a highly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world — a VUCA world. This is an era of exponential change that requires the disruption of how we think, act, live and work.

From our current thinking and level of consciousness, our ability to adapt to the exponential growth in technology and the exponential impact that COVID and Climate change is having  in our lives has become impossible. The gap between our human adaptability and reality creates a great deal of stress, deep sense of loss and debilitating fear in many of us. Making decisions and creating a future from this confused and fearful vantage point is not in our best interest, nor in the best interest of humanity and The Planet.


Innovate ourselves? Who is in charge?

For centuries we have believed that as HUMANS we are made of three Dimensions: The Body, The Mind and Source (The Spirit). Depending on our stage of evolution, one of these dimensions has taken prevalence over the others, and has provided the lens through which we experience reality. In the recent past we have also become Digital Beings, adding a fourth dimension to who we experience ourselves to be and the world around us. The Digital Dimension has now become the dominant lens through which we experience life and whether we like it or not it is dictating all aspects of our lives and even programming our next phase of evolution. Unfortunately, it is doing so by manipulating our most primitive parts of our brains and emotions.


The real problem of humanity is the following: We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology.”


E.O Wilson

How about we let the best part of ourselves lead?

What if time has come for us to quantum leap in our consciousness and allow the SOURCE dimension to be the lens through which we experience life? There are no words that can fully describe SOURCE for its an internal experience that even though we have all had, no words do it justice. It is often described as a magic moment. When we operate from SOURCE there is an overall feeling of well-being, of inner peace, enthusiasm for life and love for ourselves and others, no matter what is going on in the world. We are free of judgements as we see beyond a world of polarity. When we experience life from the SOURCE lens, it is like we embody drone-like faculties where we can see, feel, sense the whole picture as it evolves and changes; from different perspectives and dimensions versus seeing life through a black and white still photography.

The SOURCE lens is inclusive of the highest and best expression of all the other dimensions; it operates under the laws of quantum mechanics, which means that our adaptability to change becomes one and the same.Through the SOURCE lens we are the ones consciously causing the change we want to experience.

It is also, only one breath and belief away from our reach.


"The Personal Accelerator integrates the best of mindfulness, technology and business tools into experiential sessions. There is a great deal of inner work that becomes visible and tangible in my calendar almost immediately- PROFOUND"


C- Level Executive

How is this workshop different?

  1. It is different because YOU will make it different. YOU- all four dimensions of YOU, with SOURCE at the helm, will be participating, discovering, designing, learning and contributing. 
  2. It is fully integrated with your current life, roles and responsibilities. This is not one more thing to do. It is a new, more conscious way of doing and being.
  3. The Personal Accelerator is an experiential workshop that embraces BOTH/AND. Your past experiences and knowledge become the palette of colors and skills you will use to paint your greatest masterpiece yet. All features of our BODY, MIND, DIGITAL and SOURCE are welcome and embraced. There is no war here or fight against your beliefs, your ego, your current world-view. Every aspect of who we are has a role and purpose and every aspect is welcome.  The invitation is to observe all our dimensions and the expressions of them, from a higher place of awareness, noticing and allowing what unfolds in front of us without resistance and/or judgement.  Only then, can we be at choice on how to be, act and transform our reality into a better one.

The Personal Accelerator is about consciously becoming the artist, designer, writer of your own reality from a higher place of awareness. It is about rewiring your brain, creating new habits, sensing the world a new. 




"The Personal Accelerator is about STILLNESS and FLOW. It is about getting consistent access to that place inside of us that can discern what is best for us and takes decisive action from there. It significantly reduced my stress levels."

— LP —

Social Innovator

 This course is for you if:

  1. You are ready to take a quantum leap in your consciousness and awareness, so you can experience life as kind and exciting no matter what is happening outside.
  2. You are feeling overwhelmed with the effects of COVID-19 is having on your life, your community and the world.
  3. You would like to transform the COVID experience into a positive experience, that is rich in lessons, opportunities, and aha moments, but are finding hard to stay consistently hopeful, and taking constructive actions.
  4. You know technology can be a force for good, but are increasingly concerned about how it is impacting your life and society and want to know how to use it in a positive way for you and others.
  5. You don't like the results we are collectively creating in the world, you want to be a part of the solution and lead others to do the same.
  6. You are tired of the negative self-talk, feeling like something is missing; that you should be happier, yet don't know how to rewire your brain and mind to get there.
  7. You have tried many times to create new positive habits, but keep falling short.
  8. You have amazing ideas of things you want to either create, launch or grow( businesses, new job, relationships, investments, books), but you don't quite know how to make it happen.
  9. You want to find/create your tribe and/or strengthen your current community to have meaningful and fulfilling strong relationships but don't know where to start.
  10. You want to give back, pay-it-forward, help others rise and experience life with enthusiasm and gratitude.

In the Personal Accelerator we learn and PRACTICE how to build coherence between the Visible and Invisible Skills of our Four Dimensions.


For hundreds of years we have been stuck in the Newtonian and Descartes mechanical, linear world-view that said that only what can be perceived with our senses is real and that MIND, BODY and SOURCE are separate. Science and technology has allowed our perception of reality to deepen and expand in ways we are only beginning to grasp. We now understands that everything is interconnected and that we have the ability to influence and shape reality. This Diagram of the Iceberg shows you some of the skills we cover. Please don't be discouraged if some words are new to you. The beauty of operating from SOURCE is that we realize we are all as wise as anyone else. That all we need is already within us and adopting this new lens is easy and accessible to anyone independently of education, background, race, age.


"The Personal Accelerator was transforming - I feel more empowered than ever before in my life. Synchronicity was a concept and now has become a way of living."

— DT —

Writer & Artist

"During the Personal Accelerator I learned the power of Imagery. Visualization and deprogramming of negative beliefs were something completely new to me. Simple and yet so profound!"

— AG —

Senior Advisor

In this course, you will learn and practice

  1. How to navigate and thrive in the VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) we are living from a higher place of consciousness and awareness.
  2. How to specifically, navigate COVID-19 by getting access to the latest science-based research on ways you can keep your Body, Mind, Source and Digital Dimensions operating at their best.
  3. How to design and prepare yourself and family to transition into a new way of living, working, traveling- Post COVID. 
  4. How to tap into your purpose to experience life more fully and joyfully.
  5. How to continuously set inspiring, conscious goals for yourself and your career no matter the outside circumstances.
  6. How your brain and mind work; the basics of Inter personal neurobiology so you can rewire your brain, optimize your mind and relationships to access 100% of your happiness potential.
  7. How to easily reduce stress, improve your intuition and increase your productivity.
  8. How to identify and deprogram your limiting beliefs, instill new long-lasting empowering habits.
  9. How to connect with the intelligence of your heart to live life in greater flow and synchronicity.
  10. How to access the latest mega and macro trends shaping our lives and our futures.
  11. How keep aware of the latest trends in technology, and how to develop a high Digital Quotient that will allow you to put technology at your service and not the other way around.
  12. How to use a series of applications and platforms to design your business models and prototype your innovations.
  13. How to design the best rituals and routines that work for you.
  14. How to transform and strengthen  ALL of your relationships.
  15. How to build a strong, meaningful and fulfilling community/tribe with whom you can co-create your goals, share life more deeply and grow together.
  16. How to find ways to give back and make a big difference in the lives of people in your life and beyond.

"In this new world you and I make it up as we go along, not because we lack expertise or planning skills, but because that is the nature of reality." 


Margaret Wheatley

Meet Rosario

I am a systems innovator, executive innovation advisor, speaker, and leadership coach.

What moves me is to dedicate my life to continue to co-create with others innovations that will regenerate our Planet and allow for the highest and best expression of humanity to emerge. I believe the Future is Beautiful and Full of Promise because together we will co-create it.

"I was at war with my ego, my mind, my body, the world. I felt like I didn't belong in this crazy, greedy world. The Personal Accelerator allowed me to be at peace with everything and everyone. It also allowed me to  put all of my crazy ideas into a coherent structure. I was able to create a jigsaw puzzle of my different dreams that actually allows me to make a good living and take care of my family"

— AP—


The Personal Accelerator is a thoughtfully crafted workshop that keeps participants engaged and taking consistent action. A range of useful techniques and thought-provoking

— MTV —



 How does it work? 

For as many years as you have been alive you have been programmed by people, culture, circumstances to believe and act a certain way. You are your ‘own computer with your own coding’ - This workshop will allow to become aware of that coding and  decide what to keep and what to reprogram, delete, enhance, disrupt.

Similarly to when you upgrade the OS in your computer or smart phone, this workshop is designed so that you can immediately experience the upgrades in your relationships, well-being, creativity and productivity. 

  • STARTS: SEPT 7th- SEPT 28th ,2020- With Monthly Design Sessions Until December 28th, 2020

  • As soon as you sign-up you get a Welcome Email with all the details of the course and access to the LIVE Sessions and the other platforms we will be using.
  •  SESSIONS: Happen LIVE every MONDAY at 1:00 pm EST on ZOOM. All the sessions will be recorded in the event you are unable to participate.The sessions are very INTERACTIVE. Divided into four main segments- BE, LEARN, DO and SHARE. 

  • Every THURSDAY @ 3 pm there will be LIVE OFFICE HOURS (OPTIONAL) for those of you who have any questions and/or want to practice some of the methodologies we learn.
  • You will be placed in mastermind groups with other participants to learn how to run effective mastermind groups, as well as keep each other accountable.

  • You will also have access to other key platforms and applications to design your business model, track progress, keep yourself accountable and support one-another.

  •  Week 1: UNDERSTANDING. Science has allowed us to get a deeper and better understanding of who we are and reality. This week we will get introduced to the latest findings and how we can use them to our advantage. (90 min)

  •  Week 2: UPGRADING OUR OPERATING SYSTEM. Deprogramming Limiting Beliefs, Disempowering habits; Activating Emotions and  Energy Fields ( 90 min)
  •  Week 3: DESIGN-PROTOTYPING. Business Model & Rapid Prototype your INTENTIONS ( 90 min)

  •  Week 4: MATERIALIZING. Routines/ Rituals & Habits to Continuously Upgrade your Internal OS), Bring Goals to life ( 90 min) and Give back

  • THREE Monthly 90 minute LIVE sessions to review Intentions/ Business Models and make adjustments.







4-week workshop

I am offering FIVE different ways for you to join us- even a FREE option for those who can't pay at this time. No one will be turned away. 

  • Weekly 90- minute Live sessions.
  • Weekly prompts, videos and resources. 
  • Access to a members only Business Model Innovation Platform.
  • Access to a members only Slack Group where you can ask questions and interact with other innovators and also directly with me.
  • 1 hour of Office Hours a week available to interact and ask questions live on video.
  • 3 Monthly Design sessions in which we review the skills, adapt, recommit, recharge.

A 4-week science-based workshop to help you navigate this era of exponential change and innovate your life, and the life of others no matter what is happening at the moment.

This workshop is the result of over 30+ years of personal learning, experience and practice of simple, yet profound VISIBLE and INVISIBLE skills that allow you to take a leap in your own awareness.

My intention is to share the knowledge, resources and ESPECIALLY PRACTICES you’ll need to build a better future — no matter what the outside circumstances are.

The tools you will access are continuously curated from a vast pool of sources used, and co-created by  innovators, business leaders, policymakers, creatives, designers, and programmers from around the world. I believe that co-creating our lives and our experience of the world should be accessible to every single human being. That is why...

The Personal Accelerator is a ONE- 4-ONE experience.

Given the current situation, I am offering FOUR different ways to join us.

1.) Pay in full; 2) Payment Plan- Four monthly payments of US$125 each; 3)  PAY WHAT YOU CAN- In this option you set the price. No questions asked. HOWEVER, to pay you will have to do it by VENMO because this platform doesn't allow you to set the amount. My VENMO is: @Rosario-Londono and; 4) Discounted price for youth and students of US$75 .

To be considered as a FELLOW, please connect with met. My business model ensures that for every paying ($) client, a person who can only pay in-kind will be invited as a FELLOW into the course. The FELLOW, in turn, commits to doing something good for someone else for the value of the course. I want to make sure that everyone that feels called to participate finds a way. No one will be turned away. TOGETHER WE RISE.

What does this mean? 

It means that when you enroll, you immediately enroll another amazing human being, who otherwise would not have access to this workshop. 

We co-create a beautiful world when all of us rise TOGETHER.


Frequently asked Questions

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Innovate From Within

There is no time like the PRESENT to create the life you deserve & design a better world for all- #togetherwecan